Curriculum Development

Art and Experience: Making Sense of Avebury

“What a throwback! Cannot give you enough kudos for encouraging me to use dance as a tool for academic inquiry—this one assignment really set the tone for the rest of my undergrad experience.”

Courtney Escoyne

Dance and Philosophy: Eros, Poesis, Mimesis

Theatre and Philosophy: Visual and the Sonorous

Biology and Humanities: Epigenesis

History and Memoire: For Whom Do We Write

  1. Buratto of Bargello
  2. global genealogies



  1. Dignity and Indignity
  2. Grace: Text, Image, Practice
  3. Civilizing Process
  4. Philosopher Dancer
  5. Aesthetics and Politics of the Modern
  6. Course: Humanities I 

History and Art History

  1. Art and Money in the Global Renaissance
  2. Mediterranean Archives